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Jim Hill of 
Jostens Yearbooks

P.O. Box 53686

Lubbock TX 79453

Lubbock Office: 806-794-2216

Amarillo Office: 806-576-0852

Cell: 806-632-0042

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Jim's plant consultant in Topeka is Courtney Best.

You can reach Courtney by phone at 800-262-9725, extension 65245

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Jim's other plant consultant in Topeka is Laura North.

You can reach Laura by phone at 800-262-9725

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Jim's plant consultant in Visalia is Louis Mazzei.

You can reach Louis by phone at 800-332-9725 ext. 75385 or by e-mail Louis by clicking here.

Jostens Tech Support

Phone: 800-328-2435

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