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Mandy Derington, Yearbook Adviser, Spearman ISD told us:

"I have worked with Jostens for 13 years. It is unbelievable the advances they have made in technology in putting out a yearbook. We now do our entire yearbook online and it is fabulous! Jim Hill is wonderful in helping to teach my staff how to use the online program. With all the templates, page designs, and picture placer, a novice can put out a very professional looking yearbook the first year. I highly recommend Jostens as a yearbook publisher. Their high tech advances are absolutely the best!!"

Amy Stahl, Yearbook Adviser, Tascosa High School told us:

"I have been very happy working with Jostens. They have helped me out when I needed it. Jim Hill is always very helpful and easy to contact when I have any questions concerning our yearbook. I feel that we are able to produce a quality yearbook because of the exceptional work Jostens does."

Jensen Porter, Yearbook Adviser, Palo Duro High School told us:

"We had a successful year at Palo Duro, as we cleared over $1,000. Our financial secretary said that was an all-time record for the school!! I couldn't have done it without Jim and Richelle's support."

Diane Arnold, Yearbook Adviser, Snyder High School told us:

"I've known Jim ever since he started with Jostens. He is very conscientious and eager to help in any way he can. Every time he visits us, he fixes our "challenges," and we always have at least one! He returns calls/emails immediately. If I need to know something from the plant, he takes care of it. I can't imagine working with Jostens without Jim!"

Rita Evans, Yearbook Adviser, Childress High School told us:

"I became the yearbook adviser five years ago. Jostens made this transition very easy. Jim helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together for our first book. Jostens provides the all-important communication lines through telephone, email, and web contact. Each time I have a question, Jim is quickly available by email or phone. Jostens is a great yearbook company! I look forward to our association with Jostens and Jim this year especially as we will have our first full color book!!"

Ruth Ann Scrivner, Yearbook Adviser, Valley Schools told us:

"Mr. Hill always answers our emails and calls immediately. Because of his prompt attention (no matter what the question is), we are very satisfied with Jostens."

Laura L. Smith, Canyon High School, Journalism told us:

"I use Jostens because of the excellent service, technical support and personal attention provided by both my sales representative Jim Hill and my plant representative Mike Barnes. Help is only a phone call away, and that can make the difference between panic and production in yearbook."

Brenda Schulte, Yearbook Adviser, Nazareth High School told us:

"We love working with Jim Hill and Jostens. Everyone is quite helpful, and our yearbooks always look professionally done."